I help you improve your climbing holidays in Spain!

How can I help you?

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I belay

I've been belaying for over 20 years... I can belay, I can spot, I can even give you beta on most of the routes you will try here! I always look up and I never take my hand off the rope.

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I climb

I've always loved climbing, I've climbed on all sorts or rocks, trees, artificial structures, anything. I love going up, I will put the rope wherever it needs to be put... I have my own ways!

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I guide

I'm a certified canyon guide, but my passion is rock climbing. If you need guiding, I can go with you on any bouldering, sport climbing, or multi-pich adventure. I have all the gear and extra motivation!



Let me take you to some really cool spots!

Areas I know

View more of my photos at Flickr!

Languages I speak

I speak English.      Hablo Español.      Je parle Français.      Falo Português.      Parlo Català.

What I can do

climbing  Climbing

I will be your local guide!
Meet you somewhere (airport, town or climbing area) and be with you at all times you need during your days here.
I will advise on where to climb, where to sleep, eat, shop, what to do on the rest days... everything! Plus, I can belay, I can give beta, I can take photos, I can entertain, just ask...

canyoning  Canyoning

Canyoning is my other passion, it's a perfect way to explore the rivers and see the most amazing rocks ever!
I am a certified canyoning guide, in summer I work full time in Rodellar, the mecca of canyoning in Europe.
Before and after the canyoning season, I can guide you through the coolest rivers of the Sierra de Guara

photography  Photography

I love taking pictures!
Over the years I've been combining mountain activities with shooting and it's been great!
Have a look at my HAVISTA website and Flickr portfolio. I've had photos published in catalogs, magazines from all over the world, posters, postcards and other crazy stuff.

advising  Advising

Consulting from a distance, by phone or Skype we talk and I give you all the information you want to know.
The best routes, areas, how to get there, when to climb, if it's wet or dry, where to sleep, eat, rest day activities, anything!
If I don't know, I will know who to ask... just prepare all your questions and let me help you!

All negotiable depending on the activities and the people
Contact me for more information, send email!



Rock climbing in Spain (and Catalonia) so much easier!

i love...

I love nature

I prefer to be outside in the mountains and by the rivers with the sun and the wind. I love to watch the birds fly and the lizards searching the heat.

i love...

I love climbing

I've been climbing since I was 14, I've bolted many routes and climbed up to 8c... I love multi-pich, sport, bouldering... all the tools for a better living!

i love...

I love climbers

Most of my friends are climbers.
I love meeting and spending time with people that share this same passion.

i love...

I love travelling

It's nice to explore and live new sensations. I love moving around and this jobs allows me to do this...

i love...

I love to help

I've always had jobs where in a way I was helping others. My main goal is to help you have a good time...

i love...

I love to change

This job gives me the opportunity to change. To go to different areas, with different people... always learning!




I will show you some crazy new areas!

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  Miguel Catita
  Rodellar, Spain, see in Google Maps
  +34 644 58 98 64

  HAVISTA, my photography website
  Spain Climbing , the Facebook
  Miguel Catita , my Facebook
  Flickr , my photo storage
  Youtube , some videos

  Paypal accepted
  In the first photo it's an ATC, not a gri-gri...

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